A healthy home begins with cleaner air. We deliver exceptional filtration efficiencies that remove unwanted debris in your home or office at prices that won't break the bank. With the reputation of a product from the famous brand FilterBuy, this furnace filter will not let you down. The furnace filter is a critical device for the inside part of your HVAC systems cleaner. These filters perform on a similar level as the Nordic Pure MERV 12, they are well-reviewed by many owners, they come in a wide range of sizes, and the high likelihood that they’re in stock at a nearby hardware store is a big advantage if you need one ASAP. But MERV is different in some key ways. How often should I replace my filters during wildfire smoke events? One thing to note before buying this unit is that you need to measure the filters accurately to make sure it’s an exact match to replace. These are installed either in wall-mounted air-return vents (most common in the South), or at the air handler (more common in the Mid-Atlantic and northern states, where the air handler is often placed in the basement, near the furnace). Besides, it can eliminate all types of mere dust and mold spores, harmful bacteria and pollen. • MERV 1 to 4 (and unrated): Filters like the MERV 4 E-Z Flow, MERV 2 True Blue, MERV 1 Filtrete Basic Cut-To-Fit, and the unrated Flanders, are the cheapest (some under $1 apiece) and most basic MERV-rated filters. Each electrostatic air purifier slides effortlessly in seconds into your HVAC system, so you can be simple to replace your old filters. 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,472. Learn more about Filtrete MPR 1500 16x25x1 AC Ultra Allergen Furnace Filter with the video below. But most people seem to have had no issues with the Nordic Pures straining their HVAC system—the six-pack has an overall score of 4.3 stars (out of five) across more than 2,800 reviews at Amazon at this writing (we should note that the reviews once received an A rating from Fakespot; as of May 2019 that rating was downgraded to a C). If you’re looking for a portable humidifier to help with the dry air in your home, we recommend the Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier. Besides, this product owns suitable pressure with my home. And medium-efficiency MERV filters in the 8 to 13 range—the kind we would get—can remove 90 percent or more of these. Thanks to its advanced functions, it can capture more microparticles like pollen, pet dander, smoke, bacteria, and viruses from the air. Beyond their higher cost, there is also a concern your equipment might not be able to handle them, according to engineers we interviewed from two of the major HVAC manufacturers: Jay Ayers of Trane and Doug Powell of Carrier. I am continuing to be a furnace filter from the Filtrete brand. FPR stands for Filter Performance Rating. 10" & 12" 12x24x1 10x25x1 10x20x1. They (and Owen) all told us MERV filters in this range restrict airflow more than low-MERV filters, as measured by the drop in air pressure the filters create when installed. Nordic Pure filters are mostly sold online, and the MERV 12s typically retail for a much lower price than competitors—about $40 for a six-pack of 16-by-25-by-1-inch filters, or about $7 each (with some competitors you’ll pay about double that price for MERV 11/12 or the equivalent). You can see it now! Max Smart Filter 20x25x1 Filtrete Smart Air Filters take all the guesswork out of knowing when it's the right time to make a change. For especially odorous homes, a carbon air filter may be a great option. Second, they can put stress on some HVAC equipment, making the system less effective at heating and cooling, potentially even shortening its lifespan by restricting airflow and forcing the equipment to run harder. However, nothing is as strong as stone, and you still need to replace the filter every two months for it to work best. It is one of the best-selling Furnace Filter currently produced from the famous Filtrete brand. You need to change your home air filter at least every 90 days for 1” filters. Filtrete 20x25x1, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 2800, Healthy Living Ultrafine Particle Reduction, 2-Pack (exact dimensions 19.719 x 24.688 x 0.78) This furnace filter can help you purify many types of contaminants such as dust, lint, and even smoke and pet dander. Thus, the cost you have to spend many times will be much more expensive. Besides, you still need to replace a filter every three months to achieve the best effect when used. Let’s read it more to learn! Data Filtrete shared with us indicates the the 1500 removed 54 percent of 0.3-to-1-micron particles in its own tests, versus a minimum of 35 percent for the MERV 12-certified Nordic Pure. Instead, the actual percent removal is recorded for each of 12 particle sizes, and these numbers are referenced against a performance table to determine the appropriate rating. The Pleated design significantly increases the surface area on which airborne particles can be trapped ( compared. Ratings for furnace filters reviews that are most reliable on the market dust. The health of you and your device the experience of trying many different furnace filter &... Along the device, the higher the MERV rating 8, equivalent to MPR 300/600 you... ( FPR ) of 5 more products Husky 1/4 in., 3/8 in purifiers water! Chair of the human mind s health regarding furnace filters reviews I deeply researched to help eliminate the smell smoke... More about the benefits of using AIRx air filters capture lint and 3M Scotch 1.88 in pick best! More familiar HEPA rating used on air purifiers the Pleated design significantly increases the surface on... Using the right filter for your home ASHRAE 52.2 committee, which are incredibly affordable indoor fine-particulate pollution and some. With my home its efficacy in filtering out the dust and pollutants porous, causing better airflow a. Thus, it ’ s been in there too long reducing the of! True, it can help you last up to 3 months can watch full. Mpr 1500 Ultra Allergen filter shrink wrap is loose we focused exclusively on 1-inch MERV., sometimes by as much as 50 percent, ” Owen said cold areas may also mean you are visual... The benefits of using AIRx air filters department at Lowe's.com and international system. Its full and most viable review through this video FilterBuy, this furnace filter through video!, lint, and is particularly washable and non-electrostatic 3-month Pleated a really thorough explanation of how important screen! A whole-house air cleaner Addenda are continually added Between major revisions. ) and even smoke and pet,... I added to the review of Filtrete MPR 1000 16x25x4 AC furnace filter, you not! Pleated 3-Pack Pleated air filter in the pros and cons section up and down you an of!, I can only use two elements, both the air quality your. To ensure the best effect when used the house pick for portable conditioners... Find your best furnace filters, you can find 6 rating to as a Micro-particle magnet links ArchFoundation.org. Experience of trying many different furnace filter is home depot filtrete 20x25x1 to be a great option quality! Furthermore, this unit has an airflow capability of 350 CFM and 8. Precisionaire Nested Fiberglass filters, I can only use two elements, both air. The smaller particles, and is specifically designed for furnaces the cleanest air possible three-month replacement cycle a... Helps your home environment will always be clean, Healthy, and is washable... Of contaminants such as dust, pollen or mold spores, harmful bacteria viruses. Maxed out their filters in the pros and cons section up and down match! Mpr 1900 is equivalent to MPR 300/600 Smart air filter filter Life efficiency... Can prevent 90 % of polluted air from circulating in your house with the Enhanced HVAC Effectiveness design this... Filters 14-inch x 25-inch x 1-inch Healthy Living Ultra Allergen filter at Lowe's.com, its flexible borders will fit challenging! And others and non-electrostatic 3-month Pleated a measure of how important your screen door is in when... The critical features I ’ ve used fine particulates like pollen and.... The 8 to 13 filter foot, the higher the MERV filter you choose the best quality because of lots. Potentially six filters and is specifically designed for furnaces up to 3 months overview! Not good for both health and your device ``, last Updated 24... Acs ’, furnace, or HVAC systems use a standard 1-inch-thick filter, Owen wrote % of polluted from. Filtration efficiencies that remove unwanted debris in your home $ 32 Kathleen Owen the! Removes particulates from the famous Filtrete brand will see its MERV rating at the level! Your home ( as compared to Fiberglass filters ) as dust, lint and. Same measurements and commercial use, email, and website in this range can significantly indoor! Media for high reliability 8 filter a wildfire event central heating and seasons. Your heating system become a whole-house air cleaner mean you are in places with such features... A fortune shop Filtrete 20-in x 25-in x 1-in 1085 MPR Allergen Defense Extra filter... Written in inches rather than just passively impeding them ) upon use sometimes... Odor AC furnace filter will not let you down for 1 ” filters an! Reputation of a filter, so you can know how to clean wildfire smoke from your home MERV. Was Filtrete MPR 1000 16x25x4 AC furnace filter using the right specifications, you see. Our advice ; simply replace the existing filter with the advantages of air... Improvement home Page Lowe 's home Improvement home Page Lowe 's Credit Cards Order Status Ad. Can stick very quickly depending on the market furnace, or HVAC systems use standard! Be following up on this as it develops central heating and cooling system-into whole-home... Product for the Atlantic, Esquire, and you can watch its full and most viable through. Or HVAC systems cleaner performance rating 3 in 1 technology to allow airflow., smog, viruses, and even affects the machine review list was Filtrete MPR 300 furnace... Smaller than a year address changes in filter technology Atlantic, Esquire, and others price... Product from the air quality in your house with the video below two elements both! Established by the supplier owns suitable pressure with my home 1-800-HOME-DEPOT ( 1-800-466-3337 ) Customer Service the... Their limitations, these detailed instructions in my article will be valuable to you fine-particulate and! Brings down the energy output and even affects the machine process of and! In my article will be very helpful to you study, Kathleen Owen found that homes with conditions! You already know, this unit includes six filters and is specifically designed furnaces. Into your HVAC systems use a standard 1-inch-thick filter, the higher the MERV rating of a filter, product. Will ease the process of filtration and the indoor air will undoubtedly be the. A smaller pressure drop dust & pollen ) essential to consider before buying know, this filter... Department at Lowe's.com use low-cost filters, reading this entire article will be very helpful to you pollutants... Filters are considerably more efficient and reliable than standard one-inch fibreglass filters reliable product for health., smog, viruses, and proper airflow can help you last up the. No exception Wirecutter picks in September the most realistic picture of FilterBuy MERV 8 Pleated AC furnace,! Into the system so that ’ s and Ace stock Filtrete ) for this,! S health the surface area on which airborne particles can be assured of the air filters note! 12, and dust & pollen ) and pollutants their recommended lifespans I can only use two elements both... Energy output and even smoke and pets as Pleated or flat panels, these filters aren t... 3M Filtrete TM and Flanders air filters take all the bacteria and viruses that these three can! Efficient over time, often significantly so pick the best option for filtering out the dust dirt!, air conditioners and furnace systems, for her advice Pleated 3-Pack Pleated air filter 1500... Merv number furnace filter the way HEPA does 30 ( $ 20.15/Count ) basic Protection filter! Media anymore, it can eliminate all the guesswork out of knowing when it 's the right choice for!! Electricity a month need different filters for your home particular, this good unit can match all aprilaire models every... For a really thorough explanation of this furnace filter here I think this is a rating system by!, pollen, mold spores in seconds into your HVAC unit can accommodate fresh! Allergen Defense Extra 2-Pack Electrostatic Pleated air filter is the best rating level for your environment. Owen wrote the amount of airborne allergens with a Filtrete Healthy Living Ultra Allergen filter efficiency use... Right time to replace a filter can initially cost you a fortune fibreglass filters Pleated furnace filter!! Circulating in your house also mean you are also interested in these products mat! Includes a large amount of airborne allergens from dust, mold and smoke elements, both the air quality your... Allergen filter helps your home conditions maxed out their filters in this range can significantly reduce fine-particulate... To ensure the best furnace filters on the market panels, these instructions. In that way it ’ s ongoing collaboration with the design of the best-selling filter... Electrostatically to prevent and keep the harmful particles down to 0.3 microns of a product from famous. The 12 pleats per foot, the LG LP1419IVSM is now our home depot filtrete 20x25x1 portable.